Stage riser hire

Whether it’s a stage for a performance, special ceremony, a runway or other event, stage risers are a perfect solution. Stage risers can be used on their own, or on top of another stage if you want to elevate an area more than others.

You might already be asking yourself, what exactly is a stage riser? A stage riser is a low height, portable stage that elevates an area so it’s easier for the audience to see or hear. Many built-in stages will have a riser element physically installed, or otherwise make use of a stage riser in areas required. For set up and pack down events (DIY), stage risers are generally hired as part of a bigger package with a full size stage, or as a stand alone if you’re looking for a smaller elevated stage area for a more intimate event.

Here are other common facts to know when looking to hire a stage riser.

Consider your performance needs before hiring

When determining if it’s right for your production, you should firstly consider your performance needs and the benefits of utilising a stage riser. This means first and foremost you’ll need to decide whether the stage riser will be your stage in it’s entirety, or if it’s to support or elevate a bigger set-up.

Stage risers have an adjustable height

One of the benefits of a riser stage is you can adjust the height between 30cm to 90cm, depending on your needs. Most deciding factors on your stage riser height will vary depend on the type of event and the size of the audience being addressed, or who’s attention you’re seeking. For example if you’re using a riser stage for performance purposes, taller is usually a safer choice to be sure that everyone will be able to see. If it’s for a children’s event, you’ll need to remember how people will climb up and down the riser stage, and the height access therefore needing to be lower for children.

Stage risers are portable

The ease of transporting stage risers is a big reason why they’re a popular hire choice. You can set up a stage riser practically anywhere with floor space which gives you must more flexibility when working with bespoke event spaces.

Choose the floor size of your stage riser hire

As well as being portable, stage risers can be custom built to your size of choice. At Hire a Stage, our stage risers come in 1×1 square metres or 2×1 rectangular metres squared. This means you can build your stage riser to any shape or size preferred for your event.

Stage risers are a reliable, sturdy platform

At Hire a Stage our stage risers are manufactured in Germany of the highest quality construction. Holding up to 750kg, you can be confident that your stage riser will be sturdy and solid for any event or performance.

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