End of Year School Performance and Ceremony Stage Hire

It’s that time of the year as everyone is starting to think about Christmas and the summer break, but before that is the close out of the school year meaning formals, end of year presentations and for some, finale concerts and shows that the kids put on for the parents and community.

End of year school performances are usually held in the last month of the school year, before the summer break. Some schools hold this in the school hall or playground if the weather permits, or for occasions where they need something larger, a school may hire a venue.

For Hire a Stage, the end of the school year is one of our busiest times for stage hire and there are a few special requirements usually that comes with hiring our stages for school events. Here are the most common considerations for end of school year performance or ceremony stage hire.

Stage height access

Primary schools that do combined events with the kindergarten to year six kids have to factor in the stage height for the younger ones being able to climb up! The easiest way around this is to have the steps to access the stage, which also means the stage can be propped up a bit higher with everyone being able to climb up.

For schools with children needing wheelchair access, let us know when booking your stage hire so we can ensure the stage is accessible. Often most schools will have a student or two on crutches also, which we can accommodate for if given some notice.

On stage chairs

The same applies for chairs on stage. For ceremonies or performances where the kids might be sat on stage, let us know the ages of the children so we can ensure the appropriate sized chairs are provided. Similarly for adults or teachers needing full size chairs, we need to know the number required ahead of time to have the right allocation provided.

If this is going to vary, you should factor in what chairs are on stage at different times, and allow for changeover so you don’t have idle props on stage.

Audio and sound hire

Nearly all stage hire for schools also requires audio and sound equipment. When hiring audio and sound, it’s important to know the size of the audience and how far you need the sound to project. If the students will be using the microphone, a portable mic is often easiest than adjusting a mic stand.

You’ll also need to consider where speakers will be placed throughout the room, and whether or not these will be on stage or elsewhere.

Staging size

At Hire a Stage, all stages are custom built to your desired specifications. Therefore you’ll need to know how big or small a stage you require when booking. Our friendly team are happy to assist you with guiding these requirements, but a few things you should know ahead of time include what purpose is the stage being used for? Will chairs be used on stage and if so, how many? Is there a performance to take place on stage and how many people with how much equipment will be present? How elevated does the stage need to be? A good idea to be able to best answer these is to draw up a stage floor plan, and make sure you do this to scale!

End of year performance stages

We also have a select range of specifically designed end of year performance stages available. This stage range has been specially curated for most end of year performance stage needs. You can view the range for yourself and contact our team for further assistance and quotes.